Production utilizes Green Sand Mold technology.

Sand Preparation: Four fully automatic sand preparation units with a mixing capacity of 110, 65, 30 and 15 tons/h.

Thermal Processing Unit: Thermal processing for Stress Relieving and annealing processes.

Melting/Casting: Two Twin Power induction furnaces with the capacity of 25 tons/h in total at Horizontal Molding Lines.

Two Dual Track furnace with 7 tons/h and one induction furnace with 6 tons/h at Vertical Molding Lines.

Molding Line:
Line1: HWS (Heinrich Wagner Sinto) Automatic Horizontal Molding line, (900x700x250/250), 1500 flask/shift.

Line2: DISA 2110 LP Automatic Vertical Molding line (Disamatic), (500x400x100/315), 1500 flask/shift.

Line3: HWS Automatic Vertical Molding line, (1100x1000x300/300), 450 flask/shift.

Line4: DISA 2110 MK3 Automatic Vertical Molding line, (500x400x100/315), 2200 flask/shift.

Core Shop: Cores of different dimensions with the cold box machines in various volumes from 10lt to 60lt.

Pattern Shop: The pattern shop has all the equipment and technical hardware to produce various kinds of pattern and core box.

CAD/CAM systems are used in the design of pattern and core boxes.

Magma Software: Magma Software is used for casting simulation.